FASE keys

The smartcard (or USB key)
of the user is used to calculate, in the server, a set of « FASE keys », which are mathematically irreversible. Each IDB contains such a key.

It is mathematically impossible

to identify the smartcard that was used to calculate a FASE key.

In the case where a hacker

should be able to identify the owner of the FASE key of an IDB, he should be unable to calculate the other keys corresponding to the same « owner ».

When an user

wants to consult IDBs, he has to identify himself with a smartcard (or USB key). This electronical identifier is used by the server to (re-)calculate a set of FASE keys.

FASE servers

fetch in the ODB all the IDBs that include a key which fits with one of the keys of the calculated set.

Access rights

the server determines all the IDBs that may be accessed by the smartcard of the user : the parametered header of the IDB permits to determine if the user is allowed to consult the data contained in the IDB.