All datas
are stored individually, in Individual Data Blocks : the IDBs. IDBs are NOT organized in records nor files.


is anonymous, encrypted and electronically signed (and includes the signature of his author).


includes a parametered descriptor, used for statistical analysis and to determine who may access to the IDB.This descriptor contains informations about the date of creation, the author and a key that guarantees the integrity of the IDB and of his header. It can indicate the "place" of the data of the IDB in a more complex structure, such as a medical record.


includes a « FASE » electronic key computed with the electronic identifier of his owner . This key permits to link the IDB with his owner.

It is impossible

to include an IDB in a FASE ODB if a smartcard is not present, because the smartcard is used to calculate the header of the IDB, the FASE descriptor and key and the address of the IDB in the ODB.