What is FASE


HLI has developed a technology called FASE that combines

- internet

- electronical keys (such as smartcards and USB keys) used as individual identifiers

to create highly secured object databases (ODB) accessible via internet that contain totally anonymous data.



All the data beeing anonymous, it is possible to store any kind of data :
  • medical records,
  • banking informations,
  • administrative data,
  • biometric data,
  • etc.



An user cannot be connected to a FASE ODB without presenting an electronic identifier (smartcard or USB key). All accesses to ODB are controled via a totally parametered system (based on smartcards). Access rigths are dynamically calculated and depend on the presented identifier(s).

Access mode

Data can be accessed in
  • «owner mode» when only one identifier is present. FASE considers in that case that the owner is accessing hi own data. For example, this is the case when a patient consults, alone, his medical record.
  • When two different identifiers are present, the system is in "consulting mode". The first identifier determines which data set (corresponding at the «owner» of that identifier) will be accessed; the second identifies the «consultor» and is used to calculate which nature of data he can consult within the data set (=access rights) . It is the case when a doctor accesses the medical record of a patient.


All algorithms such as Triple DES, Twofish, MD5, … used in the FASE architecture can be very easily «updated» so as to offer the best available security level. Keys length is only limited by the legislations and can be easily updated.

FASE is INPI patented